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Tecair Features

No Air Hose!  Who loves an air hose?  Lose the hose, improve safety, no wasted time on setup / dressing the hose / breakdown, no more “reaching the end of the hose” near the end of the job.

Universal, Mobile and Adjustable!  The Tecair system works with most any standard pneumatic tool and will go anywhere and you can adjust the output as you need it – up to 10 bar (or 20 bar) or all the way to zero.

Air that’s Clean and Dry!  Compressing the air to 300bar gives you clean and dry air…  You’re tools will love you and reward you with longer life!

Save time, save money!  Getting rid of the hose means no time spent setting up the job site, managing the hose as the work progresses or buttoning up the job site when the work is done.

No Fuel - No Gas!  If portable power means fuel cells, it also means costs every day for fuel.  It also means you’re around noxious exhaust gasses and need to consider the spent fuel cells as hazardous waste.  

Batteries not included!   Tecair is the next generation of Pneumatic Power.  All the power / torque delivered with pneumatic tools with the long lifetimes and robustness you know and love.  No batteries to buy, no batteries to wear out.