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Komptec’s compressors are designed and manufactured in Germany and enjoy the benefit of multiple generations of development. Our proven design is available with capacities of 70 or 90 liters / minute, and provide compressed air at either 200 bar or 300 bar. The unique Combifilter dries and purifies the compressed air to Breathing Air standards.

The three stage compressor block is the heart of the Komptec compressor. Komptec’s compressors are designed for portable usage with a compact design. Reliability and maintainability are designed into the compressor block. The first stage has an Aluminum piston and cylinder; the second stage a steel piston with an aluminum cylinder, and the third stage a steel piston and steel liner within the aluminum cylinder.

KT-70. The KT-70 is a 70 liter per minute FAD [2.5 CFM, 3.0 SCFM] compressor providing either 200 bar or 300 bar. It has a 1.5 kW electric motor (KT-70E). The 1.5 kW motor reduces current draw and lowers weigh vs. units with the larger 2.2 kW motor. Additional KT-70 models include the KT-70A which adds the Auto-Shut off and Hour Counter, the SE Shooters Edition configured for air gunners and the SE-Duo, which includes the provisions for filling cylinders at both 200 bar and 300 bar.

KT-90. The KT-90 is a 90 liter per minute [3.2 CFM, 3.9 SCFM] compressor providing either 200 bar or 300 bar. It is available with either 2.2 kW electric motor (KT-90E) or a 4 kW gas motor (KT-90G). The KT-90A adds the Auto-Shut off and Hour Counter, and can be purchased either with the electric or gas motor.

The KT-70E and KT-90E are available in three standard configurations:

  • Base. The DIN connector, Gauge and Safety Valve are at the end of the fill hose.
  • Configuration 1. Adds a fill/bleed valve to the end of the fill hose, moves the Safety Valve to Compressor Frame. Adds MPV.
  • Configuration 2. Adds an Auto Shut-Off and Hour Counter to the features on Configuration 1.
Filters. Komptec compressors employ a Combifilter to clean and dry the compressed air. The Combifilter can be specified for breathing air to DIN EN12021, or be specified in the non-breathing air version for air gunners or air tool applications. Filter service life will be longer when specified for non-breathing air applications.

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