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Komptec Air Systems is a new company bringing together innovation with complementary proven technologies.  The key innovation is the Tecair two-stage regulator.  The Tecair regulator draws its pneumatic power from high-pressure air stored in a light weight Type III composite cylinder.  These Type III cylinders are field-proven in applications as diverse as powering emergency slides in commercial aviation, in SCBA tanks used by first responders worldwide as well as leisure applications such as in paintball guns and at air-rifle target ranges.


The complete solution depends on the HPA compressor able to provide the 300 bar (4500 psi) at the cost and footprint required.  Komptec Kompressoren Technik GmbH benefits from over thirty years of experience in the field of manufacturing HPA compressors and delivers professional features at an attractive price point.


Komptec is a global company.  We look forward to serving our customers either from our US offices near San Francisco California, or from Komptec GmbH’s offices near Frankfurt Germany.